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How to Stop Chronic & Disruptive Running Pain & Injuries WITHOUT Risky Surgeries, WITHOUT Taking Painkillers, & WITHOUT Extended Time Away From What You Love!

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The Resilient Running Method

The proven method that gets you back to running with confidence, efficiency, and strength. 


A medical running evaluation will connect your physical therapy evaluation and your video running analysis to provide you with an understanding of your injury, a more efficient running form, and a strength program to help you stay pain free and improve your performance!

Running injuries can occur due to poor footwear, lack of run specific strength training, sudden volume increases, and various other causes.

Our aim is to get you back to running as quickly as possible so you can continue to aim for those PR’s, stay involved in your running community, while staying away from medication, surgeries, and losing progress.

That is where we can help! To help you understand your injury, understand a more efficient running form, guide you through your recovery, and assist in planning your running schedule as you recover!

Medical Running Evaluation
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