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How To Fix Sciatica and Finally Overcome The Agonizing Pain

How to Fix Sciatica

A major problem that some patients in our clinic face is dealing with Sciatica. In this blog, we will cover what Sciatica is, what causes Sciatica, and how to fix Sciatica.

How to Fix Sciatica - Lower Back Pain?

What is Sciatica? It is very common for patients to come to our clinic with lower back pain, and Sciatica falls into that category.

But what is Sciatica? Sciatica is a specific form of lower back pain that is arguably the most severe and is often characterized by...

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Thoracic Park: Unleash Your T-Spine for Better Golf

Did you know you there are more than 70 joints in this area we call the thoracic spine?

Yes, there are 12 vertebrae in your thoracic spine, but each single vertebrae has multiple joints associated with it.

There are joints from thoracic vertebrae to thoracic vertebrae and also joints from rib to vertebrae.

That means many areas for motion to come from, but that also means a lot places for stiffness. Stiffness and limitations in ranges of motion are the more common problem that people face...

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