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Dry Needling for Pain, Dysfunction, and Performance

Trigger Point: if you're an active person, have worked out before, spent a day in the yard, or sat a desk for too long, chances are that you've probably felt this thing called a trigger point. Trigger points are about as normal to life as a cell phone, breakfast, and breathing. It's a natural physiological response to movement and stresses. If you've had "trigger point" or a tight and tender area in your muscle, you've also probably wondered how you could get rid of these nagging little things. Lucky for you, the purpose of this article is to do just that! 

Several interventions have been proposed for the treatment of "myofascial trigger points." Trigger points don't just hurt (some do), but they have also been shown to contribute to motor impairments such as altered muscle activation patterns and accelerated muscle fatiguability. One of the interventions used by Doctors of Physical Therapy to seek and destroy these pain points is the use of dry needling. We'll get to...

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