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Shoulder Pain: Insider Secrets To Getting Fast and Lasting Relief

Have you ever experienced shoulder pain and you haven't got a clue where it came from or how to get rid of it for good? 

We consistently have a large number people in our town of St. Petersburg calling into our office and setting up appointments to get solutions for their shoulder pain.

We wanted to write this blog with the purpose of answering that question, offering expert advice, and giving helpful tips to enable you to live an active, pain-free life.

Shoulder Pain: Where? When?...

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Common Hip Injuries Explained

Do you ever wonder why you are having this constant discomfort in your hip?

Do you spend time searching through Google to understand what is going on and all of your searches send you into a downward spiral of thinking you need surgery to fix your pain?

Well, we are here to tell you it is going to be okay. Take a deep breath and let’s dive in!


The Hip Anatomy


As you can see in the images above, the hip can be quite complicated which is why it may be hard to differentiate...

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