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Early Extension In Your Golf Swing

Imagine this…. You’re on a Par 5 and you smoke your drive, you set up your second shot and you’re just imagining a beautiful second shot.

You take your backswing and initiate the downswing…

And you hit it thin…. The ball just skips down the fairway or possibly into the bunker and you’re wondering why this happens (why does it happen so much to me?)

What if I told you this can be fixed and it has something to do with both your swing and your golf fitness.

Early extension happens quite often in amateur golfers and even those who have been playing for years! 

Early Extension - excessive and early movement of the pelvis towards the ball during the golf swing.

Some golfers who experience this swing flaw commonly complain of the following...

1. Feeling like they run of space for their hands.

2. Lower back pain in the middle or end of the round.

3. Constant issues with slicing right or thinning the top.

All of the issues happen at the same time...

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