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How Long Will It Take For My Injury To Heal?

How Long Will It Take My Injury To Heal?

"How long will it take for this to heal" is the golden question that the majority of people in pain or injury are thinking about and asking about. What we'd like to do is to discuss the stages of healing that we always think about when answering this question and when deciding on treatment plans with our patients.

When an injury comes into your life unexpected, the first thing you want to know is "how long will it take until I can get back to doing x,...

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Common Hip Injuries Explained

Do you ever wonder why you are having this constant discomfort in your hip?

Do you spend time searching through Google to understand what is going on and all of your searches send you into a downward spiral of thinking you need surgery to fix your pain?

Well, we are here to tell you it is going to be okay. Take a deep breath and let’s dive in!


The Hip Anatomy


As you can see in the images above, the hip can be quite complicated which is why it may be hard to differentiate...

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